Back a business, change a life. Donate your time or money to micro-entrepreneurs who need it most.

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  1. Find projects you love

    Find projects. Each profile will tell you the story of the entrepreneur, what they want to achieve, and what they need to achieve it.

  2. Offer all kinds of help

    Message them to volunteer just an hour of time over the phone, donate equipment like old laptops, or offer discounted services, such as childcare or shop space. Or donate as little as £20.

  3. See the difference you make in someone’s life

    You can meet micro-enterprises and see your impact first-hand. You’ll also receive updates from them on their progress.

  4. Get rewarded with goods they make

    Get rewarded with the buzz of helping and the goods that entrepreneurs make, from French lessons to pottery.


Common Cause event

We host events to bring micro-enterprises together with people who can help them. They’re fun and informal. Join in or volunteer your expertise.

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Gift Cards

Gift Cards

Make yourself proud by sending a Common Cause gift card, the perfect way to give ethically on any occasion. You'll help underserved people to build their own livelihoods and to help themselves.

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Donate to For Common Cause

If you can’t decide which project to support, donate to us. We will use it to run events and assist more micro-enterprises.